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Guiding you to peace of mind, body & spirit



 Silverdove is a intutive clairsentient aura and chakra medium, who channels energy healing, crystal therapy and shamanic practices.   


A former environmental scientist and university lecturer,  Silverdove is also a Business Development Consultant and  buyer for  London's largest crystal store as well as several others.  


She has been offering practical, grounded yet highly connected training courses in crystal healing, intutive development and shamanic practices for over 15 years  world-wide. Highly respected within the healing community, Silverdove is often referred to as the "healer's healer" and the "walking crystal bible".


Based in Glastonbury, Silverdove currently offers distance energy attunements and courses from the Earth's Heart Chakra.


Current reading/healings available by phone


Initial 15 minute connection - free


Initial priority auric and 22 chakra scan normally £225, currently  on special £145 for 1hour 45 minutes with summary email.


Distance healing and follow up scans  (this includes the use of up to £2k worth of crystals) .


1.5 hours £115 per hour (set up). Currently £95. Healing is sent for 3-9 days.


Follow up scans normally £145 per hour, currently £115


Situational readings £55 per 30 minute reading. Clients may book up to 1.5 hours.


A recent testimonial:

5th February 2024 in Glastonbury

I would like to express my gratitude to Sacha for finding me in Glastonbury and sharing with me exactly what my Soul was seeking to become more aware of.

As a spiritually open lady myself I have felt my connection but at times known that being here, fully embodied can be difficult and challenging.
Sacha's insights today have reassured me of what my Soul already knows but could not remember.
Sacha is a very gifted woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience working with people and using crystals.
I believe she is able to hear and feel and connect to your Soul to receive the information that you need at the time. Thank you Sacha for giving me your presence and support I really do feel a lot clearer going forwards on my path.

You could do amazing service with people and animals not just with crystals but your knowledge is grately received by many.

I would love to see more of what you offer and bring in the future.

With love and gratitude
Thank you,

Kaylee Jewel

"I met Sacha by chance or was it divine guidance? Sometime in 2018 I have noticed that one of my FB friends has liked a page called Silverdove. As I had just started my spiritual journey, out of curiosity I checked the page and Sacha's website. The rest, as we call it, is history.


I started with Sacha on her first Nusta Karpay rites course in 2018, I continued with several shamanic courses and the Crystal Consciousness and the 22 Chakra System course.


Although I had other teachers that I worked with, even qero teachers from the Andes, I considered Sacha my mentor and I continued to attend Sacha's courses and ceremonies. Sacha's courses are very different, as during the time spent with her, you do not only get to learn and have the knowledge but you also get to experience deeply her personal touch and her abilities - her extraordinary intuition and vision. I call Sacha a seer and I found Sacha to be the strongest intuitive out of all the teachers I've met.


Her knowledge about crystals and how to use them is also second to none.


I've learnt from Sacha many important things about myself and steps that I should take in my healing process. She has been my guide and my light through a lot of pain and uncertainties in the past years and I have a lot to thank her for.


I totally recommend working with Sacha or attending her classes.

Your life will never be the same."  Simona Jones, London 2021



Distance Fire Ceremonies from Glastonbury

Munay Ki Rites starting 15th June 2022 - online course


 Coming Soon - Crystal Consciousness and the 22 Chakra's online course




The site is currently being updated. Please feel free to browse the site, Silverdove is only an email away if you have any questions on her work.

 . . ......guiding you to peace of mind, body and spirit.

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