New!  4 week 21 Chakra Course

Monday evenings, 715-915
18th January - 8th February 2016
Putney, London

This four week course, running on Monday evenings from the 18th of January to the 8th of Feb 2016 (715-915 pm) will be focused on the larger 21 chakra system. The course will identify the appropriate chakra's for common diseases, illness, spiritual, emotional and mental imbalances and cover methods, including crystal healing in how to restore them to balance. Basic crystal knowledge and some knowledge of the primary 7 chakra's will be an advantage in this course. £35 per session.

The 21 Chakra System: ascension path
Many are aware of the 7 main chakras, which are located along the spine, for those unfamiliar please click here. There are  actually 72 major chakras in total, with the chakra system forming a bridge serving as an energy transformer; changing pure (higher) energy into various forms.

We are now in the Age of Aquarius, many spiritual people believe that we have an opportunity to raise the Earth’s consciousness to a higher level, that for the first time we are able to access the knowledge of our ancestors, the Earth and our former selves and higher beings in this way some refer to us moving from 3rd dimensional beings to the 5th dimensional. This maybe hard to absorb for some, but when we consider the obvious advanced ancient knowledge of ancient Egypt, Mexico and Peru we can see how we were once in a higher vibrational state that we have been.  The work of course starts with ourselves; in order to help achieve a higher vibrational state and ascend we must work with our own energies first.  This is where the 15 chakras come in to play. The 15 chakras are visible/detectable to clairvoyants and others with psychic ability and are worked on to raise ones vibration to the 5th dimension.

This chakra is responsible for the grounding of higher energies to the earth/planet/gaia and is linked to the kundalini energy which is ultimately stored in the dantien.

Negative Power: Over-sensitivity or disconnected feelings.

Positive Power: Soul is grounded on the physical plane.

Colour: silver, gold, black, brown

Location: Approximately an arm's length below your feet

Diseases: Inability to ground higher consciousness and/or kundalini energy.

Crystals: nummite, shamaic  black calcite, apache tear, nirvana quartz, smokey elestial quartz, specular hematite, spider web obsidean, shungite, petalite and presceli.

Colour: maroon,dark grey, brown
Knee chakras

This chakras affect your ability to mainfest through willpower.

Negative power: fear of death or change, inflexible, unable to go with the flow

Positive power: grounded and practical, essential needs meet with ease

Colour: tan or multicoloured

Location: through and at the back of the knees

Crystals: aragonite, azurite, boji stone, melinite, stomatolite, boji stone, petrified wood, blue lace agate and cathedral quartz.


Palm Chakras

The palm chakras are what we use to sense energies, they receive, sense, radiate and channel and are therefore linked to our ability to receive, generate, manifest and achieve.

Negative power: numbing, greed, antisocial behaviour with no obvious reason

Positive power: creativity, manifestation

Colour: blue, red, silver-white, gold-white

Location: centre of hands

Dis-eases: eczema, psoriasis, allergies, arthritis

Crystals: flint, quartz, most crystals

Alta Major (Ascension) Chakra

Responsible for accelerating and expanding consciousness, providing an anchor for the light body enabling us to see the larger picture.  It also enhances intuitive ideas and contains information of our ancestral past, our past life karma and contractual agreements made prior to carnation.  The chakra radiates a merkaba like shape. It is linked to the hypothalamus producing hormones responsible for thirst, hunger, body temperature, body weight, sleep, moods, blood pressure, sex drive and growth.

Negative powers: disorientation

Positive power:knowledge of spiritual purpose

Located: Inside of skull, access point is the lobe at central back of neck

Colour:magenta, green

Crystals: angel's wing calcite, azeztulite, brandenberg, golden healer, holly agate, rosophia, presceli, black moonstone, apatte.


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