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Biography Overview


I am a qualified crystal healer, chakra healer, aura reader, aromatherapist (specialising in aromatherapy massage), life coach and feng shui consultant. Having also have completed courses in cosmic ordering (law of attraction), reflexology, spiritual healing, reiki, munay-ki and angelic ascension. . Mainly work directly with anothers' energy and through spirit, I supplement as needed with energy, ask your guides and soul purpose cards as this can act as confirmation, help clarify and reveal extra details.   

My background is an environmental scientist, holding a Bachelor of Science in the subject: specialising in environmental management, green taxation and funding, having previously been on the university lecture circuit while studying for a PhD. 

In my spare time I enjoys walking in nature, art, cooking, theatre and museums. I have also set up and continues to run three support groups on Facebook for those suffering from a rare medical condition known as reactive hypoglycaemia.  

I currently reside in London, with my daughter and my pet rabbits Sooty Womble, Leelou Ewok, Camomile, Machu and Picchu.


How I came to this work

14 years ago you would have found me working for an environmental charity in Holborn, London, studying for a part time PhD, doing some university lectures, lots of public speaking, academic papers, in a specialist area of the environment. I was married, pregnant and life seemed to be what most people desired. I was not brought up religious nor spiritual, but I generally tried to be good, I was self-motivated and seemed to have a strong moral sense, which I had been born with. I would feel physically sick if I tried to be dishonest in anyway or did not live a "good" life. I was interested in some spiritual information, I had read the Celestine Prophecy and other similar books, I was attracted to Egypt, Easter Island, I could feel history in places but I was far from spiritual. My work was what felt right, and for the most part the main focus of my life. At age 27 I had a mortgage, was married and had what most people aimed for. I had no idea my life was about to shatter in to pieces.

I had my daughter and was unwell with an undiagnosed post-partum hemorrhage. I can remember having a nightmare; something I now realize was a precognitive dream. Of course I dismissed it, I had seen police, my husband and I separating, my baby taken from me, my world turning upside down in that nightmare that was in a world far removed from my life.

Trauma shook my world, I dared not to hope, for 6 months, I focused purely on living moment by moment, and exhausted I could only follow what I felt to do. For the first time in my life, I allowed my inner feeling, my instincts to be my guide; I was too tired, too traumatized to do anything else.

The trauma came and went, I was shaken but I knew I had done everything I could, to the best of my ability and the outcome had been favorable. But initially for two years I ran, I became very fit, for two years all I did was walk and swim, there were things I just couldn't deal with. My world was too changed. 


Then I became ill with pneumonia on Christmas Eve, there was a major flood in my house, which took three months to dry out, my conservatory roof flew off in a gale and I had just started a new job working from home. Emotional, physical and mental breakdown, I had no choice but to face my emotions and my trauma. I had held strong for too long.


Someone handed me a card for a counselor, I could feel myself roll my eyes, another one, what would be different this time? But I also had a strange sense of my Grandfather being around me, he had passed more than 20 years ago, holding my hand. Too busy and unwell to look up the information, I simply booked an appointment and went.

I arrived; the lady took my coat and asked me to lay on a bed sofa. She placed lots of rocks - crystals around me, and asked me to close my eyes. I went up, up into the clouds... and stayed up for 3 hours in what I came to realize was past life regression. When I opened my eyes, not having spoken for 3 hours, the lady responded, "quite a trip!", she then continued to read to me what she had seen, it confirmed everything I just had.

Over the next few weeks, I had strange experiences, I would walk down the road and see colours around people, I saw shadows in my garden, " great" I thought, and “I've lost it ; I am hallucinating". I sat in my conservatory looking out into the garden; I could see a shadow like image of a crow sitting on my bedroom windowsill, "another hallucination", I thought, my three year old daughter came and sat next to me, "mummy, why is there a crow on your windowsill?". You can imagine my reaction.

The councilor called me "I've lost it, I am going to book an appointment with a psychiatrist" I said, "What’s happened" she replied. I explained, she informed me I was seeing peoples auras, I was seeing the spirit world, the regression had reopened my psychic abilities I had shut down as a child.

I went over and over in my head looking for rational explanations, but there were things she had seen that she could not have possibly known. I decided I did not care if this is real or not, I did not want to know, I had to get my life stable, this was not the time or the place, and I put it aside.


I was still unwell and was being tested on and off, the tests left me with no energy and working from home, being a single parent with a young child left me time where I could do nothing but sit and do arts and crafts with my daughter, or sit after a long day, crossed legged in my living room, with my body aching. Over a period of 6 years, I became open to the experience I had, allowing, being open to the possibilities. Over the course of those 6 years, I went within, I connected to my higher self, my inner guidance’s, my guides, I gradually healed, whilst my work kept the logical and rational aspect of mind alive. I learned a great deal in that time, and it was only as that period of my life finished that I founds myself in a bookshop for the first time in 6 years, I had not had any time to read, my daughters books were always purchased from the internet or through the school, I was surprised when I picked up a copy of the Law of Attraction, and realized I was not the only one who knew.... but I didn't not know from reading, I knew from calling on my connection, my ability to access knowledge, book after book I picked up which I already knew the content, not by reading and often I felt in a less commercial way.

A few years ago I relapsed, I became severely suicidal and also very self-destructed. After 7 years of working from home, reporting only twice annually to my seniors, running a organisation alone and illness (I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition which causes a coma like state), having had one weekend away, I was mentally, physically and emotional exhausted again. I found myself at Beachy Head and also the Humber bridge, I lost my job which was close to my heart as I was too ill to cope, I could not bare to go though it again. But I couldn't do it, no matter how much I wanted to and after 6 months of trying, I couldn't do it. During that time I saw things, and heard things from spirit that I would not share here. However, after I had done nothing but sleep and rest for a few months, something kicked in. I was not going to die so I must ... step by step I did, I tidied up, and decided to qualify in the areas I already knew intuitively... I have been working healing others and reading others for over 5 years now, but I have read and been connected for many, many more.... I understand the skeptics, I was one too, if anyone had told me years ago I would be doing this I would have laughed and thought it a joke. This my past, the story that has shaped me and brought me to the present. I am here, present and I am for a reason, and I no longer believe or wish, I know and I feel, so here I am, happy to assist with my abilities and serve you on your path...

With love and gratitude,

Silverdove (Biography written in 2009)x

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