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Energy Card Reading

Email version (general reading)

Ask Your Guides Reading

Email version (general reading)

Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Reading

Email version

Karma Clearing Reading

Email version

3 Question based reading

Using my intuition, psychic abilities and supplenting with appropraite cards I will answer 3 specific questions.

Urgent Reading (add on only)

within 48 hours

Card Readings

Silverdove also offers card readings by email, these can be purchased individually or in addition to aura and chakra work. Email readings are sent within a maximum of 5 working days once requested.

The following options are available:

Finding the root cause of the problem - Energy Card Reading 

Finding the root cause of the problem - Energy Card Reading 

Emotional patterns and patterning are the root of most unhappiness in life. This reading provide a reading to ease your journey, helping you understand the wealth of help at hand and connects with your energy to facilitate your healing. The cards are spookily accurate and bring quick answers to very often long standing problems. Connecting with your guides and higherself, this three card reading addresses your past, present and future.

Situation focused reading - Ask your Guides

This three card reading gives guidance on partcular situations. The first card respresents the attitude or frame of mind in which to approach the current issue or challenge. The second card will point out the best way to shift energy to a higher vibration. The third card suggests what your over looking and need to become aware of to bring about positive resolution. The reading represents personal messages from your personal spiritual support system. When it comes to asking for help from your guides, you don't need to follow fixed rues, but rather be sincere and direct, and of course, be willing to accept the guidance they offer. Your guides are very willing to be supportive and to offer guidance as they show you how to create the best possible outcome in all situations and circumstances in your life.

Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Reading

This card reading is designed to guide you in answering the deepest, most profound personal questions that we all share: "What is my soul's purpose", and "What am I here to learn?". They focus on a specific aspect of your soul's purpose, in addition to addressing the particular soul lesson neccessary to achieve that purpose. Every lesson helps to fulfill your purpose and move toward peace of mind and spirit. By following the guidance on the cards, you'll begin to fulfill your destiny in small, managable steps that you can acheive day by day, steadily advancing towards your highest goals on a spirtual level. In the process, you'll get out of your own way and begin to experience the personal success and satisfaction that you seek in your life, as well as bring your special gifts and energy to the planet.


The reading is for those that are serious about flushing out and eliminating all obstacles to peace of mind and spiritual growth. They will help you quickly progress on a soul level by shining a bright light on your shadows and blind spots.


This is a five card reading, the first deals with the present, the second the past, the third the immediate future, the fourth what you are failing to see and the five card your long term opportunity.


This type of reading can be done every 4-6 months to keep you on your correct life path.

How to clear your karma - Vibrational Healing Card Reading

This reading is based on vibrational seed-fomrs that, when brought it consciousness can enhance out chakras and energetically purify and heal our subtle vehicles.


We are dis-eased in so far as we identify with being a seperate self. "I" is a word that divides from "other", initiating a split that becomes more complex the more we get attached to one side of ourselfs. This creates tension that sends unconscious vibrations through our bodies, mind and spirit, we experience them as joy, sorrow, peace and conflicts relflecting in our health and disease.


The law of vibration works on higher, more subtle planes of being through the states of consciousness. Everything in the world vibrates. The power of thought is a powerful vibration and the soul manifests in gradations of refinement of our vibrations. Our true self is not the body, yet vibrations harmonise or disharmonise the body as a temporary vehicle for practice in finding the essence of our being. Disease results from the disharmony of our vehicle, supressed images, thoughts and feelings need to emerge in order to be erased or uprooted; such supressed patterns have karma at the root of them. Karma (we reap what we sow) is also under the law of vibration. It can be transmuted and cleared by changing vibrations.


The reading provides a set of affirmations for you to repeat to yourself throughout the day and before you go to sleep at night and when you wake. The affirmations keep your consciousness in resonance with the divine spirit. The reading can be a door to your higherself, meeting the divine Spirit and resonating together. We can enter into spirit to thedegree we are free of dissonant negotaitaions - (born of negative though-forms and feelings, which become beliefs). We need to reduce our thought-forms to the essentials and liberate our cellular memory from old traumas of suppression, rage, confusion and illusion.


The reading helps us enter into a field of vibrations which can clear the subconscious thought if we are devoted enough - to our unconditional Truth. There can be some resistance to certain cards, if we strongly like or dislike some we are most likely not in balance and harmony with our conscious minds in that area. The subconscious or spirit takes care of itself. The reading is to help guide you to love-light through releasing the unessential.

3 Question based reading

Using a combination of Silverdove's psychic abilities and appropriate cards, a maximum of 3 specific questions will be answered. This should not include subquestions.

Urgent reading

Turn around time for email readings: Maximum of 5 working days (UK), if you need a reading urgently this is is possible but there is an additional charge, please use the Urgent reading button to add this option on.

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