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Clearing past life karma

via skype

Clearing past life karma with follow up session

via skype

Crystal Manifestation


Crystal manifestation is based on the Law of Attraction which says that what we draw to us we give out: "like attracts like"; each thought we have, each emotion, each core belief creates what we experience from moment to moment. How can we manifest something that goes against our soul plan? How can we fulfill our full potential if we are following someone else's expectation of us? How can we achieve what we desire if we don't believe we deserve it?


Using crystals rituals we can move beyond what we expect and tap in to our true potential. Some are done by sending you instructions (which involve separate purchase of the crystals listed), others are available on skype. The following rituals are available to assist you on your path:

Clearing past life karma: this reveals the karmic and emotional baggage that you carry with you, and the defenses that you create to ensure your survival. This ritual changes the frequency of you karma - "what goes around comes around", ingrained patterns, removes pas life soul-contracts, pacts, vows, promises, expectations, and debts set up in previous lives which may require releasing or re framing in order to come in line with you current soul-evolution plan.

Crystals required: none.


Ritual: done via skype.


Time: approx. 10 minutes.


Optional extra: for up to 4 days after this ritual, you may sense unusual smells, see images in your mind, or hear/ dream of past life occurrences. Keep a note book beside you during this time as these are indications of past lives. If you wish to discuss these in detail/ have a follow up to check all is cleared please add the extra option.

Connecting with your subconscious - removal of negative conditioning in the subconscious mind: examining the subconscious mind which generates your thoughts, aspirations, attitudes and fundamental beliefs which shape your world.

Crystals required: amethyst, spirit or smokey quartz cluster. In addition you may also want to us jade or citrine for abundance and good fortune.


Ritual: instructions sent via email.

Letting go: clearing energy blocks from past issues: bringing to the surface hidden issues, toxic thoughts and repressed feelings that are holding you back or sabotaging your efforts. By bringing these to the surface you can resolved the issues and reclaim your power.

Crystals required: Malachite or apache tear. Optional smokey quartz or blue scapolite if you have a strong critical aspect to your nature.


Ritual: instructions sent via email.

Clarity and enhancement of spiritual growth crystal grid:

encouraging letting go and assisting with clear thoughts, open mind and releasing limited beliefs. Useful when your manifestation work is not bearing fruit.

Crystals required: rutilated or tourmalinated quartz, selenite or smokey quartz. In addition if you feel you are following someone elses thought and expectation also use beryl.


Ritual: instructions sent via email.


To come:


Creating abundance


Financial alchemy


Connecting with your Angels


Supporting your health and wellbeing


High Energy


Finding Love


Healing Mind Body and Soul


Connecting to your higher-self

Letting go

Ritual via email

Connecting with the subconscious - barriers to your power

Ritual via email

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