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How I work

I work by tuning in and reading your energy, I have a number of guides who assist me when needed this includes Saint Germain (of the Silver Violet flame, Ascended Master, incarnations include Merlin), Hather (Egyption goddess/Ascended Master), Archangels Michael and Gabriel (who channel and heal through me), Dan (my Cherokee guide), Akaya (my energy based healer guide), Sirian guides, black jaguar (shamanic journeying animal guide) and Katoulie (my South American shamanic guide). I am of the Silver and Blue Rays and of the 7th dimension, a clairsentient and claircognizant, with secondary clairaudience and clairvoyance.

For healings I attune directly with your energy, or if I am given permission from their guides a person you have requested me to. From connecting with your aura I can see elements of your personality and mood. I will describe the colours I see, there position and what they mean. I can differentiate between temporary and more permanent energy. By reading each of the chakra's in turn, I am able to gain insight into a detailed history of events that have shaped your life. I work with the 18 chakra system. These provide a "blueprint" for healing work. Please note I will only work and read with consent of the people involved.


For readings I only read past and present energies, though sometimes I am given a link through non-linear time to see the impact of actions now on future lives, it is rare, but sometimes spirit give me an energetic link or precognition to future events, such events are what one may refer to as destined, fixed points in a persons life that must occur as part of the soul contract. The majority of future events are created by our actions now, and can change according to the energetic interactions of the moment, it is therefore in my belief rarely possible to predetermine future events. Where necessary I use energy cards, ask you guides cards, soul purpose cards to supplement and give clarity to a current situation, providing as much detail as possible for you, I use the appropriate pack or packs in combination with what I sense and feel intuitively. This information then enables you to make an informed choice, being aware of the true situation and the potential outcomes.

Where my readings and healings differ from many others is that it is my goal to provide information on the situation or status, but to also to provide you with the tools and guidance on how to move forward, give you information that you may be out of your awareness, giving details of what is going on at spiritual and soul level, and for healings it is important to me that you learn how to sustain yourself: I am happy to provide the diagnostic tools, and where appropriate provide healing that will set you on your path to become your own self-sufficient healer, it is not my goal to have long term repeat clients (or at least not for the same issue), I wish to see you well and on your path sustainably.


Often people ask me how many sessions will they need, on average 2-3 healing sessions of 30-60 minutes is adequate for those who need deep healing work.  

Many,many clients do not require such in-depth work, and if after an initial blueprint scan I find this is the case, I will simply tell you what needs to be done and list the resources for you to complete the work yourself. 

Feel welcome to browse my testimonials and use the contact form for any questions no matter how small they may seem. And if you feel that the site and me resonate with you, I will be happy to work with you when you are ready. 

Until then, love and light to you, Silverdove x

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