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How to obtain an online reading 

Readings are currently done through Skype. On purchasing an aura reading, chakra scan or energy card reading you will be emailed with the silverdove skype address. A mutually convientant time will be arranged for the scan, or reading.

 If you do not have skype, it can be downloaded here:

You do not need to switch on your camera or sound for the reading, as readings are based on energy connection. However, for crystal healing a combination of visualisation and breathing techniques will be used. We will be on camera for you to view and hear.

For the aura reading or chakra scan, please ensure you are in a comfortable place, ideally with your feet resting barefoot on the floor and sitting comfortably.

Once the aura reading or chakra scan has been completed, the areas that need healing or are blocked will have been identified. Make a note of these, you are then free to purchase the individual chakra healings and/or the aura cleanse and protection. Keep a notepad close to you to note down any crystals or procedures that may be recommended to you. You can choose to have the work completed that day, if mutually convienant or at a later date. If much healing needs to take place, it may be recommended that the healings take place gradually.

Please note that after the healing/reading your skype account will be blocked. If you purchase a further reading it will be unblocked for the duration of the healing reading. If you have any questions or comments following the reading please use the contact us section of the website.

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