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Intuitive Protection: clearing and preventing negative energy

Saturday March 9th 12-1730 

Learning and being confident in your abilities to energetically protect yourself, your home and your environment from negative energies is an essential tool for energy aware and sensitive individuals.

This workshop is for you if you have or are developing your intuitive abilities but feel you absorb to much from others or the environment around you restricting your intuitive abilities and confidence or you simply want to learn how to cleanse and protect yourself energetically.

You will learn a variety of protection techniques including crystals, resins, smudges, protection spells and energy clearance so you can select those which resonate best with you to create your own personal energetic protection kit as well as clear any you are currently struggling to


Energy exchange £55 per person. £45 if paid 10 days in advance. 

---------------Past events--------------


Intuitive techniques: one day core essentials

Saturday 27th October 12-6pm

Ideal for those who are interested in the establishing the foundations for intuitive development. as well as those who feel they are intuitive but need some support, guidance and techniques in an open and non-judgemental environment.

Energy exchange: £65 per person

1. Protection and essential intuitive development techniques

2. Introduction to crystal healing

3. Connection to your guides

4. Intuitive tools

Intuitive Development Programme: 8 weeks

Starts Monday 14th May 2018, 7-930 Putney

This programme is a fully comprehensive foundation for those wishing to fully optimise their intuitive abilities for either personal or professional use, It covers a broad range of spiritual practices and techniques as well as knowledge, individual personal healing and attunement sessions as well as shamanic energy reception.


The course is however, semi-selective in that individuals wishing to attend must have met Silverdove and ideally had a blueprint scan before hand, to ascertain current healing requirements and suitability.


Cost £35 per session

 Psychic Protection, Intuitive Development Techniques and introduction to the Munay-Ki rites.

Introduction, including I wonder method, 7 chakras system, crystals for third eye and intuition, basic protection methods, chakra cleanse and emergency protection and clearance.

Week 1: The Healer's rite, developing aura reading and psychic chakra system

·          The Munay-ki Healers rite, creating sacred space

·          22 chakra system

·          Developing Aura reading

Week 2:Personal attunements

No class personal development week, time allotted to one-to-one personal sessions (energy and crystal healing 1)

Week 3: The Band's of Power


·          The Munay-Ki The bands of power

·          Thousand petal lotus

·          Chakra changes in ascension process


and Personal Healing sessions 1: Times available

Week 4: The Harmony rite and methods of connecting with your spirit guides


·          The Munay-Ki Harmony Rite

·          Connecting with your guides


and Personal healing sessions 1: Times available continued

Week 5: The Munay-Ki Seer's rite, Channeling and automated writing techniques


·          The Munay-Ki Seer's right

·          Channelling and automatic writing

·          energetic reading discussion

Week 6: Personal Alignment - optimising intuitive abilities


No class personal development week, time allocated to personal alignment sessions

Week 7: Soul Retreival, Balancing Past life Karma, Harnessing Sacred Sites


·          Accessing and clearing past lives and soul retrieval process

·          Connecting and harnessing the energies of sacred sites

           Oracle Card reading


and Personal sessions 2: 22 chakra attunement and intuitive optimisation

Week 8: Scrying, Crystal Grids and Cosmic Ordering, Universal Laws and Keys


·          Energetic reading practice

·          Scrying techniques

·          Crystal grids, cosmic ordering and universal keys and laws



Personal sessions 2: 22 chakra attunement and intuitive optimisation

Week 9: Tarot Card reading


·          Tarot introduction

Closing Ceremony

·          Conclusion


Reg Feather- Shamanic Red Path Walker said on Apr 26, 2016


Over the years I have attended many different workshops and courses and met many different teachers. The most helpful of these has been Sacha. I find her to be the strongest intuitive that I have ever encountered, with an impressive professional approach, who ensures you will be in a safe spiritual environment during both healing sessions and workshops. Her knowledge of crystals and their uses is second to none. At a soul retrieval session she released anxieties that I had had since childhood. This has greatly improved my ability to teach others as my confidence has grown as never before and any self-doubt has been dispelled. Thank you.

Pauline Blessed


The scan was the most amazing result I got concerning my past and present situation which was spot on. It gave me an insight and offered me the way forward. It also revealed and cleared my doubts about my future which was so dark and bleak and especially how I have always been supported spiritually to date even though I was not aware and always wondering and or guessing.


The healing just cleared and lifted every dark and heavy loads off my shoulder since I was young as well as clearing the anger, the many cries and bitterness which was sitting on my chest. The crystals just topped up and accelerated the process of my spiritual growth and developments which I have been searching for decades.


I am moving closer every day towards the life I so desired, to serve humanity and share my experience. The Intuitive training is the most amazing part of the healing program and it is opening me up to the knowledge of self healing and extending healing to others. It is powerful and awesome, I can't wait to complete and be able to put it into practice and maintain my health and my family.


It was I divine timing to meet you at such a critical time in my life when all seems gone and impossible. I was chartered, tired and searching with tears needing and desperate for some kind of intervention.


You have changed my life, I can laugh and look to the future with a smile and hope of living the life I so desired and share my gift with others.


Many thanks for all you support, spiritual guidance, mentorship, training and the most amazing crystal healing session ever.


"Blueprint Scan and Intuitive Development Course, April 2015

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