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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling. The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client's personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.


Life Coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client. We believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside.


Our skills are about knowing the right questions to ask and having the right tools and techniques to empower you to find those answers within yourself.


You, the client, are the only expert in your entire life who truly knows who you are and what you need. You are the only expert who can recognize what is absolutely best for you. We are simply experts in the coaching process. As your coach, we help you discover what your own personal "best" might be.


Every day we make choices to do or not do many things. These choices may range from profound to trivial and each one has an effect that makes our lives more fulfilling or less fulfilling, more balanced or less balanced, that make our process of living more effective or less effective. Life coaching helps you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life.


We help you connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life.


1 hour

Spiritual Coaching


The aim of Spiritual Coaching is to Enable you to Transform Your Life with Clarity and Awareness and move towards what You Truly Want (what some people call their Life Purpose or Total Fulfillment).


Spirituality is nothing to do with religion or belief in ‘god’. It is simply about going deeply ‘inside’ yourself and becoming more aware of who you really are at your deepest level, that is, connecting with Your True Self (or Authentic Self or Soul).


The True Self is beyond what you may commonly refer to as ‘yourself’ in day-to-day life. At the deepest level ‘You’ are certainly not your name, this is just a label which can easily be changed. You are not your body either, this is merely a ‘vehicle‘ to allow movement and action. And you are certainly not your mind, although your mind would like you to believe that you are! You are even beyond your feelings, although this is closer (and therefore a better indicator than the mind).

In particular, it is living from the mindspace (which most people do) which causes the most confusion, and therefore the most dissatisfaction, about how we live our lives. In going beyond the mindspace and connecting with feelings you can start to realise the truth about who you truly are.

How does this differ from Life Coaching?


Normal Life Coaching is great at setting goals that come from the mind. Usually these goals are around ‘having more’ or ‘doing more’, and experience shows that whilst achieving them can feel good in the short term, they are not ultimately fulfilling. Spiritual Coaching is coaching at a deeper level, reaching a level beyond your mind. This allows you to set your goals from a truer space, so they are congruent with your real desires - and reaching them brings real fulfilment. 

How it works


I work with You to bring greater Clarity, Awareness and Understanding to both you and your current life situation, and guide you from that new space so you can develop your own goals. As a result, your goals will reflect your higher values, will be deeply meaningful, and achieving them will deliver great life change, true happiness and fulfilment!


Just imagine standing on the surface of a large sphere. Life Coaching operates on the surface of that sphere and helps you set goals out in front of you, maybe even over your horizon. Spiritual Coaching focusses initially on heading towards the centre of that sphere, getting closer to who you really are and bringing more awareness to where you are now and where you want to be. This has the potential for much greater change by allowing you to go deeper to set truer and more meaningful goals.

How much can a person achieve within 3 months?


Every client is different (and much depends on how open and honest you are), but in 3 months (12 sessions) You can literally Change the Course of Your Life. As a minimum I would expect to help you to:

- establish a deeper understanding of yourself by bringing awareness to where you are now and where you want to be.

- understand at a deep level why you act and feel like you do at present.

- bring clarity to where you are going and to the true value of all the current activity in your life.

- have a concept of your highest goal - this gives you a point to aim towards.

- ‘build’ a path between where you are now and your highest goal.

- identify your long term goals and progress towards them.

- focus on your day-to-day activities and consciously change them so they are congruent with your higher goals.

- work on short term goals each week, creating rapid change and moving you forward, whilst remaining focussed on your long term and highest goals.

Of course, exactly how much you want to change is up to you, but you will achieve much more, and faster, than on your own! And the more open you are to my challenges, and the more committed you are, the easier and quicker the change happens.

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