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Psychic Readings

 I only read past and present energies, though sometimes I am given a link through non-linear time to see the impact of actions now on future events and/or lives, it is rare, but sometimes spirit give me an energetic link or precognition to future events, such events are what one may refer to as destined, fixed points in a persons life that must occur as part of the soul contract. The majority of future events are created by our actions now, and can change according to the energetic interactions of the moment, it is therefore in my belief and experience rarely possible to predetermine future events.   

For specific questions,where necessary I use energy cards, ask you guides cards, soul purpose cards to supplement and give clarity to a current situation, providing as much detail as possible for you, I use the appropriate pack or packs in combination with what I sense and feel intuitively. 

If you wish the reading to be card based you are free to specify which cards you would like me to use, otherwise I will use what I feel necessary in combination with my intuition and abilities to best answer your questions.

Readings and healing are available through Skype or by email.

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