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Service Listings

Please email me at to reserve a space on a workshop or book a reading/healing/blueprint scan via skype or in person. If not available please do email me to express and interest on any courses. Silverdove Gift Vouchers are available.

If you are unemployed or on disability benefits we maybe able to offer you a discount of up to 25% off. Please email with current year documentation (must have current year and same name stated on document) as evidence and a discount code will be emailed to you upon approval.


Introduction to crystals & the 22 chakra  system

1 day

Munay-Ki Rites 

Fire ceremony intiation and nurturing the rites

refresher course

Nusta Karpay Rites

Rite to the Womb

The Wheels of Light


Medicine Wheel


Energy Reading Consultation

Where you would like an intuitive reading into the situation

30 minutes by phone or email

Energy Exchange £65 per 30 minutes

Crystal Prescription

Where you know what you want, but would like intuitive help into which crystals would be right for the job and how best to use them

30 minutes by phone or email

Energy Exchange £65 per 30 minutes

Energy reading with crystal prescription

The above combined

Energy Exchange Per 1 hour £125

Full Blueprint Scan

Up to 2 hours energy reading via zoom or phone

A detailed reading of your energy field – the full aura and 22 chakras are assessed in detail

Energy Exchange £250

with full report and plan

in the report Silverdove details all the tools and methods needed to take charge of your own healing

Energy Exchange £325

Crystal Healing Session (Currently distance only)

First session – up to 90 minutes

Energy Exchange £185

Follow ups

1 hour

Energy Exchange £125

Get me fixed up  (Currently distance only)

This is for people who intuitively feel to trust Silverdove and do not require explanation or pre-reading before healing. Silverdove simply enters the energy field and rebalances and correct the energies as needed. This is great for maintenance and medium energy issues. This is not necessarily suitable for new clients or those who Silverdove has not tuned into before. Please contact to discuss before booking.


Crystal Based Feng Shui and House Energy Plan 

Requires floor plan via email

From £145 per hour

Children’s Crystal Healing Parties

From £200 per hour depending on location

General Hire

From £145 per hour depending on location

Email to arrange booking.

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