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Spiritual Coaching Programme

As noted on the information on my healings; I do a maximum of 2-3 healings per person, there are two reasons for this. Firstly, it is important to me that any healing work required is completed within a reasonable amount of time, where the client is informed all the way through of costs and work achieved. The second reason is during the sessions, I inform you, what I am doing, seeing, hearing, feeling and using as well as leaving your with a set of tools to maintain any healing work done, so that you can become self-sustaining and not dependant on healing sessions for your wellbeing. 

 However, there are times where healing work can trigger an urgent feeling to change your life, you can feel a rush after healing of needing to change your job, your relationships, your environment and more, often this happens as a result of being cleared from other people's energies, attachments, expectations and feeling more connected with you higher-self, your soul. For some this can initially seem overwhelming, and this is what the spiritual coaching programme is for.

The spiritual coaching programme runs for a total of four - six months, and includes two monthly two hour sessions with myself as well as regular reading materials to support you during your transition period. It is bespokely tailored to suit an individuals needs. The only requirement is a blueprint scan prior to booking the spiritual coaching programme so we can both be sure this would suit your needs.

Spiritual Coaching

4 Month Programme -complete payment

Spiritual Coaching

Monthly Installment Plan

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