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Bespoke Healing Blueprints

This section will be updated shortly (November 2021)

B y connecting with your energy, I see in to the aura and chakra systems. This provides me with a detailed overview of the status of your etheric body, which often includes: your spiritual connection and development, your current intuitive ability, your ability to communicate thoughts and feelings, what you hold in your heart - blocks, hurts, the main issues of past lives that have relevance in this life, your energy levels and desire for life, emotional balance and your ability to stay grounded. From scanning the chakra systems and connecting with your aura I provide you with information for which to base your own healing on or provide me with a diagnostic tool upon which I can plant the seeds for healing you. 

Many experienced psychics and healers ask me to do only this stage for them, as often they are able to heal themselves but cannot always ascertain where the issues are. For those who have not developed their abilities, I offer the healing work through crystal healing and/or energetic healing directly through myself.  

Crystal Healing

This is only available to those who have completed the Healing Blueprint which is used as a diagnostic tool to provide a bespoke healing plan. I am a qualified crystal healer, however, I intuitively select the crystals that are specific for your needs, I do not use generic crystal plans, spirit have been known in the past to name a crystal to me which I have never heard of before, I have then researched it and always found it resonates with a persons needs.


If we are working online I use a combination of breathing techniques, visualisation alongside with me energetically connecting with you to ensure the energy is being guided into the right locations, and the right cleansing and release work is done.

It is difficult to estimate how much healing work is needed until the healing blueprint has been completed, but I no longer charge per chakra, I now charge by time. For someone who needs a deep healing 2-3 sessions are normally enough. For those who require less healing, one session may be enough. It is normally recommended there is a 2-3 week break in between hearings to allow the energies to settle and absorb revealing where more may be required.

I rarely work in person, as I prefer to work and read "blind" knowing nothing about you before hand and leaving no doubt in your mind as to my genuine connection with you. On occasion, where spirit brings a person to me that I feel compelled to assess, I occasionally work in person, I do not do this on request.

Soul retrieval 

Only available to those who have had a blueprint chakra scan. Through-out our lives there are sometimes events that deeply traumatise us not only at an emotional and/or physical level but also a spiritual one. During such times, the trauma maybe so deep that we physically go numb, where this state continues for any significant length of time, our spirit can physically detach from our body, leaving fragments of the soul, stuck in that time, stuck in the trauma. It is important to remember that "trauma" is relative, a trauma to a young child can seem insignificant to an adult: being shouted at by a parent, or witnessing a scene that results in early loss of innocence too young can at times cause soul fragmentation in sensitive individuals. Later in life, this manifests itself as us feeling we are incomplete; not whole; like a part or parts of us are missing.

For this type of healing, a different method is used where I journey (shamanically) to retrieve the lost aspects of your soul, returning them to you. Journeys are done before a scheduled healing session, where this aspects are integrated back into you. One journey is normally enough to return all missing soul fragments. As I return these fragments to you, I will also share the scenes that I have been shown where the fragmentation occurred; often this triggers memories in individuals and acts as confirmation of the reading and healing.


San Lau


Sacha is a very intuitive healer & she is very knowledgeable

about crystals and healing. I've taken her workshops in crystal healing and

chakra attachment healing. They're very useful and practical. She is a very

patient teacher and gives very useful techniques for self healing. Her blueprint

scan is also very detailed. She could read me like a book. She gave very useful

advice about my issues and since then I could feel a big shift in my life.

I highly recommend the blueprint scan to anyone who wants a reading and her

workshops as she is very knowledgeable and intuitive. Thank you.


June 2016

Dawn said on Apr 22, 2016 2:32 PM


Silverdove completed a scan for me and confirmed the ailments that I have in the physical body. I knew that these ailments always show up in the aura first. I was excited to understand how working with crystals could bring my energy back into balance. Silverdove was 100% accurate in describing my character, how I deal with life, how I feel at the core of my soul, and how others perceive me. Anyone seeking answers and a deeper meaning for their soul journey would benefit from a consultation.

Nikki said on Jun 17, 2015 9:11 PM


Blue print scan:- woooow spot on with everything . My mind has been working overtime since and confirmed a lot of what has been happening and going on in and around my life in the physical and Spiritual . onwards and upwards , here is to getting where i am supposed to be . Thank you

Pauline Blessed

The scan was the most amazing result I got concerning my past and present situation which was spot on. It gave me an insight and offered me the way forward. It also revealed and cleared my doubts about my future which was so dark and bleak and especially how I have always been supported spiritually to date even though I was not aware and always wondering and or guessing.


The healing just cleared and lifted every dark and heavy loads off my shoulder since I was young as well as clearing the anger, the many cries and bitterness which was sitting on my chest. The crystals just topped up and accelerated the process of my spiritual growth and developments which I have been searching for decades.


I am moving closer every day towards the life I so desired, to serve humanity and share my experience. The Intuitive training is the most amazing part of the healing program and it is opening me up to the knowledge of self healing and extending healing to others. It is powerful and awesome, I can't wait to complete and be able to put it into practice and maintain my health and my family.


It was I divine timing to meet you at such a critical time in my life when all seems gone and impossible. I was chartered, tired and searching with tears needing and desperate for some kind of intervention.


You have changed my life, I can laugh and look to the future with a smile and hope of living the life I so desired and share my gift with others.


Many thanks for all you support, spiritual guidance, mentorship, training and the most amazing crystal healing session ever.


Blueprint Scan and Intuitive Development Course, April 2015


Thank you so much for the one on one healing. You really got it

and pin pointed the root problem in my life. Reading my past lives was due to

the gift you have and not giving up on me. Otherwise I've done many readings BUT

none has ever got it right the way you did. My neck issue has been there ever

since I can remember but always thought it was headache that will never end.


I am glad for you and to be honest you are God sent. Human Angel on earth.

I am also grateful that the Universe guided me to you through searching for

crystals in the shop. May your gift be recognised by many for the wellbeing

of all and the Universe. I am feeling much better and light since the treatment

Blessed be.


Blueprint Scan and Healing session, May 2015

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