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If you would like to leave a testimonial please use the Message Area below:

Reg Feather- Shamanic Red Path Walker said on Apr 27, 2016 2:14 AM

Over the years I have attended many different workshops and courses and met many different teachers. The most helpful of these has been Sacha. I find her to be the strongest intuitive that I have ever encountered, with an impressive professional approach, who ensures you will be in a safe spiritual environment during both healing sessions and workshops. Her knowledge of crystals and their uses is second to none. At a soul retrieval session she released anxieties that I had had since childhood. This has greatly improved my ability to teach others as my confidence has grown as never before and any self-doubt has been dispelled. Thank you.

Dawn said on Apr 22, 2016 7:02 PM

Silverdove completed a scan for me and confirmed the ailments that I have in the physical body. I knew that these ailments always show up in the aura first. I was excited to understand how working with crystals could bring my energy back into balance. Silverdove was 100% accurate in describing my character, how I deal with life, how I feel at the core of my soul, and how others perceive me. Anyone seeking answers and a deeper meaning for their soul journey would benefit from a consultation.

Nikki said on Jun 18, 2015 1:41 AM

Blue print scan:- woooow spot on with everything . My mind has been working overtime since and confirmed a lot of what has been happening and going on in and around my life in the physical and Spiritual . onwards and upwards , here is to getting where i am supposed to be . Thank you

If you would like to leave a testimonial please use the Message Area below:

“She a gift from the gods.”


Well I first meet her at Charlie's rock shop after a spiritual awakening A few months prior was very sensitive spiritually confused and lost in life she kindly help me put myself back together. (I mean that literally)


As my soul was lost and I knew that I need answers, with her straight talking no nonsense approach and also having the compassion and care that I needed, If you are looking for someone who is genuinely caring down to earth and honest this is woman for you.


Sliverdove healings are tailors made for the person individuals needs she will go to the root of the problem and make sure that you have the skill set to be able to take care of yourself and go on your own independent journey of self discovery & healing, which I feel that is the only way to go.


I truly can not thank her enough for what she has done to me she is a true blessing


December 2017

San Lau


Sacha is a very intuitive healer & she is very knowledgeable

about crystals and healing. I've taken her workshops in crystal healing and

chakra attachment healing. They're very useful and practical. She is a very

patient teacher and gives very useful techniques for self healing. Her blueprint

scan is also very detailed. She could read me like a book. She gave very useful

advice about my issues and since then I could feel a big shift in my life.

I highly recommend the blueprint scan to anyone who wants a reading and her

workshops as she is very knowledgeable and intuitive. Thank you.


June 2016

Katie McNeil


Thank you for holding this wonderful course, I found it extremely helpful to understand how to align the crystals on the body and how different frequencies work when healing. I felt like it aligned me very highly within myself and the cosmos and it was so beautiful and useful to see how it all works and and be able to treat myself and others in this way. I also met a bunch of lovely people who just reflect the energy of the workshop. Many thanks! X


Expanding Awareness Workshop, March 2016

Sukaina Juma, London, UK


I went to Sacha when I was at a very low point in my life in April 2015. Even after doing healing for myself for years, I couldn’t clear chest infections and my high sensitivity to being in crowds, as a healer and empath. Just by talking to me in Charlie’s Rock Shop, she told me I had some past life cords attached that were preventing me from moving forward. I had three one-to-one sessions and each time, she has told me exactly what has been going on in my current situation, as well as my childhood which we never discussed. The crystal healings have been the most powerful shifts I have ever experienced during healings, which means I released a lot of stuck energy.

My heart has felt lighter since, I have gained in confidence and my intuition has also increased. I also took the munay ki rites with Sacha. Along with vital information on intuition building, the passing of the rites was special and sacred and now enables me to do more self healing, as well as one day pass on the rites to others.


I would highly recommend Sacha as a healer, she is very empathic and has a sense of humour that helps ease the gravity of issues. She is also superbly intuitive and a powerful healer. I am blessed to have her facilitate me, when I have needed extra support.

Intuitive Training and Munay Ki Rites, April 2016

Katie McNeil


I met Sacha at Charles rock shop, and over the past year and a half of knowing her she has opened my eyes and my heart to the power of healing with crystals.


She intuitively listens to you and is guided by her spirit. She is extremely knowledgable and communicates with crystals and guides and listens to the colours of your soul, a vision most cannot see.


I have since been on her courses multiple times as I find her nature is endearing and extremely trusting. She has helped me with healing my past and reminded me how to stay present. I would recommend her help to anyone that is lucky enough to cross her path. Thank you Sacha. X


April 2016

Pauline Blessed


The scan was the most amazing result I got concerning my past and present situation which was spot on. It gave me an insight and offered me the way forward. It also revealed and cleared my doubts about my future which was so dark and bleak and especially how I have always been supported spiritually to date even though I was not aware and always wondering and or guessing.


The healing just cleared and lifted every dark and heavy loads off my shoulder since I was young as well as clearing the anger, the many cries and bitterness which was sitting on my chest. The crystals just topped up and accelerated the process of my spiritual growth and developments which I have been searching for decades.


I am moving closer every day towards the life I so desired, to serve humanity and share my experience. The Intuitive training is the most amazing part of the healing program and it is opening me up to the knowledge of self healing and extending healing to others. It is powerful and awesome, I can't wait to complete and be able to put it into practice and maintain my health and my family.


It was I divine timing to meet you at such a critical time in my life when all seems gone and impossible. I was chartered, tired and searching with tears needing and desperate for some kind of intervention.


You have changed my life, I can laugh and look to the future with a smile and hope of living the life I so desired and share my gift with others.


Many thanks for all you support, spiritual guidance, mentorship, training and the most amazing crystal healing session ever.


Blueprint Scan and Intuitive Development Course, April 2015



Thank you so much for the one on one healing. You really got it

and pin pointed the root problem in my life. Reading my past lives was due to

the gift you have and not giving up on me. Otherwise I've done many readings BUT

none has ever got it right the way you did. My neck issue has been there ever

since I can remember but always thought it was headache that will never end.


I am glad for you and to be honest you are God sent. Human Angel on earth.

I am also grateful that the Universe guided me to you through searching for

crystals in the shop. May your gift be recognised by many for the wellbeing

of all and the Universe. I am feeling much better and light since the treatment

Blessed be.


Blueprint Scan and Healing session, May 2015



Just wanted to thank you again for an amazing session on Tuesday. You have inspired me to enrol on a reiki train course and I am super excited!


Introduction to Crystal Healing, December 2014



Thank you so much for yesterday! It was really great and gave me a lot to think about, walked away feeling really positive and looking forward to cutting old blocks and seeing if that opens up my chakras. Exciting times!


Blueprint Scan,December 2014

Visited the Charlie's Rock Shop in Merton Abbey on Sunday, the lady, named Sacha (Silverdove) that works in the shop, is a walking bible of knowledge of everything you need to know about crystal healing. She was very helpful. Thank you!


Charlie's Rockshop, August 2014

“ Silverdove is amazing. Different people have given me readings over the years, but never one as good as this. I now have so much insight into what is happening, and feel full of inspiration and hope for getting well again. “


Skype Blueprint Scan and Healings, Vicky van Praag, June 2014

Webcam readings on Oranum:


Very interesting past life reading. Silver Thank you

June 2014


Just had healing session, this woman is saving my life literally !! thank you! 1000 stars!

22 May 2014



I just wanted to say thank you so so much for your reading of me today. I've wondered for so so long what was wrong with me and why I always feel so ill. I'm so truly thankful to have stumbled upon you today and thanks to you I can hopefully finally begin to heal my body and be well again. Xxx


23rd May 2014


Hi Silver, just wanted you to know that after our healing yesterday I'm up, dressed, walked to the shops, made a proper lunch for my son and when he goes back to school I'm going to study in the sunshine. First time I've been up during the day since 9th April with one exception. Words cannot express my gratitude, thank you sooooo much! L & L xx

23rd May 2014



Just had a past life reading, very informative stuff, this life seems to make a bit more sense now. Many thanks silver.


11th November 2013 



Such a genuine sweet sweet spirit. Giving me such a peace of mind that I have not had in sometime. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She has gone far beyond my expectations. Thank you so much once again Silverdove. Many blessings to you.

uk | 2013-10-19 23:59:09



Thank you for your time and energy Silverdove for the wonderful email reading!! It was very informative, very insightful,full of details and answered many of my questions..You are a blessing.. Love,peace and


October 2013




Silverdove is a lovely, kind, caring and genuine person who really connects well with you. So well that she knew that something was wrong when I entered the room before I said a word. She is a brilliant reader and I would highly recommend her :) Thanks.



Fantastic! Very honest, to the point.

unknown | 2013-07-23 19:26:33

the tin yin


She's a really great, natural psychic, very accurate, because everything she said resonated on a deeper level, I recommend her.



She is awesome...I love her gift and thank god for her



She is amazing, very accurate, with so much compassion. Totally spot on!! Thank you x scotland | 2013-07-19 00:29:32



Absolutely brilliant as always .... would recommend to anyone .... this lady is amazing, thanks again silver Love and Light. X manchester | 2013-07-15 23:27:55



Wow! What can I say! SilverDove is awesome, generous, caring, accurate, and extraordinary in the way she scans the body, reads the auras, and applies the appropriate crystal for healing. She pinpointed so many different issues that were going on inside of me through my chakras and aura. Not only that, issues of my past lives appeared which are affecting my current life along with messages from spirit. I so needed this scan and healing. I will definitely be returning for more work. sp | 2013-07-15 18:37:13



Great chakra/crystal healing session. Very detailed and informative.Her gift is real. Highly recommended to all.

London | 2013-07-03 19:32:50



Thanks for clearing chakra up, etc. :) Everyone is with me now, heaps.

Tired and lost


Silverdove is a very genuine, caring lady, who wants to help. She is very accurate and tunes into you and your situation well. Silverdove helps people as much as possible in free chat and is very honest so you don't waste credits. I would highly recommend her if you want an accurate reading with someone who is passionate about helping people and genuinely cares :) Thanks very much and great to have you back here Silverdove :)



Thanks Silverdove for my scan and reading, it was absolutely amazing, thanks for all your help. Looking forward to the next time!!! This lady is brilliant, kind, compassionate, and understanding, very quick and to the point.



thank you so much for that silver, really enjoyed it!! :) your amazing!! have a good sleep!! n il let you know what i find :)) xxx




Thank you Silverdove, you gave me the exact message I needed to hear, it deeply resonated in my heart. Thank you very much! Many blessings to you!




Thank you very much , Silver Dove. Whatever you said about me in that ort connection was spot on!!!Good day hun :)




sorry silver I tried to give you feed back but it didn't give me an option ..... Absolutely amazing lady .... really happy with all the advise and the healing ... BRILLIANT >>>Thanks Silver XX




silverdove is always so nice so kind great listener. Great reading. Honest and accurate. Again: 10/10.



Had an energy reading with silverdove n she's very spot on in all areas esp with my changes in career n hse moving which I have been planning for a long time to happen.Will come bac again for an update in pvt when it happens within 2 mths time.Thank you so much as I needed it to keep me gg!!Blessings to u silver!:)))



Always so kind nice honest and accurate. Great reading, not afraid to tell truth. The best! 10/10 melb | 2013-06-25 14:34:00



Thanks for clearing chakra up, etc. :) Everyone is with me now, heaps.

ny | 2013-06-22 21:28:39

A Great reading..Spot on...

melbourne | 2013-06-21 17:51:07



Thank you soo much hun!! You were amazing!!

stockholm | 2013-05-12 12:20:52 


She is so wonderful, and thinks about you not just taking advantage! She was so accurate with my life, and helped me feel more at ease about everything! I would suggest her to anyone who is looking to feel a million times better about their life! Thank you so much!!

Canada 9th April 2013


She is amazing , wonderful healing session, very gifted.. thank you silverdove.

11th April 2013


At Oranum, when I go in from room to room, I feel that many people here are just doing it for the money. But when I met Silverdove, she really cares. When she gives messages, she's not doing it based on her bias or ego. She's doing it from her Higher Self and from Spirit. She's the real deal. She has both mind and heart. I can sense, see, and feel that Silver GENUINELY wants to help you in life. She's a great spirit and she's not out for your money. She's out for your happiness and well-being as a soul walking on Earth. Definitely lots of clarity and positivity. I will definitely come back. I hardly give long reviews or any reviews at all. But I feel that Silver is just a great, loving soul that she deserves every good thing out there. Thank you so much. You have no idea how grateful I am.

12th April 2013.


She's probably the most genuine person I've met on oranum. I wish I could express how much I appreciate what she has done for me.

May 2013.


Thank you so much silverdove.. you're one of the best on here, always honest, kind, caring, geniune psychic on here.. stay blessed :)) I always feel different after a reading with you.. love and light xxx

May 2013.


Lovely reading. I felt a very strong connection, and she was such a lovely lady.

April 2013


Always Awesome.... ty dr

April 2013.


Spot on and very kind. I had been confused for so long and her answers were very clear and helped so much.

May 2013.


I have had 2 readings back to back with Silverdove, her kindness and compassion shows in all she does here on Oranum. She has helped me more than anyone will ever understand. I thank you and spirit from the bottom of my heart. . There are not enough stars in the sky to give her a star rating.

May 2013.


I really enjoyed my reading with Silverdove. She picked up on several issues with very little information provided.

June 2013.


Thank you soo much hun!! You were amazing!!

June 2013.


Thanks Silverdove for my scan and reading, it was absolutely amazing thanks for all your help. Looking forward to the next time!!! This lady is brilliant, kind, compassionate, and understanding, very quick and to the point.

June 2013.


She is the best...I have ever been in contact with. I felt the healing happening straiight away.. Don't ever leave ORANUM...You are beautifully and magnificently gifted. Thank you so much xx

July 2013.


She is amazing, very accurate, with so much compassion. Totally spot on!! Thank you x

July 2013.

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