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Intuitive development set


Lapis Lazuli: aids contact of spirit guides and angels, prevents psychic attack during readings, develops intuition & increases intuition


Herkimer diamond: aids in optimizing intuitive abilities including telepathy, clairvoyance, connecting with guides and accessing past life info


Blue Kyanite: aligns and heals of the chakras and aligns the  aura, self-cleanser, lucid dreaming and astral travel, enhances channeling abilities, psychic abilities and intuition.


Fluorite: use in meditation before connecting, enhances intuition, prevents draining from clients


Iolite: increase clairvoyance, stimulates third eye, useful for tarot readers, astrologers, empaths and mediums


Labradorite or rainbow moonstone: increases psychic abilities and enhances intuition, powerful for connecting with spirit guides, physical and spiritual realms. Powerful protector, ensures no harm comes to anyone involved in a reading


Sapphire: opens up the lines of communication with spirit, assists in developing third eye, psychic powers, precognition


Turquoise: enhancer of clairaudience and clairvoyance


By Silverdove,

Dream work & Astral travel


Ametrine: connects with the physical realm and with the higher consciousness, facilitates and protects during astral travel and relieves psychic attack (Hall)


Blue Calcite: provides a “cocoon” of gentle blue spiritual lights which wraps itself around the auric field of those who hold/carry it. Enables one to float gently out of the body, in either dream state or the domain of astral travel (Simmons)


Prehnite: enhance efforts to seek wisdom, lighting your path to understanding. Harnesses the olive ray of receptiveness.


Red jasper: stimulates the dream consciousness in order to bring forth dreams of deep meaning (place under pillow). Keeps the astral body connected to earth during astral travel.


Amethyst: used to stimulate intuitive guidance and interpretation of dreams.


Herkimer diamond: enable to fully tap into your astral body and have control over it, facilitate dream journey work.


Moonstone: enhances lucid dreaming and astral travel. Enables you to direct dreams.


Moldavite: assists in dream journeying, takes you places few other stones can. Use a grounding stone whilst using this crystal.


Astrophylite: assists astral travel and helps you understand higher guidance.


Dream Quartz: protects from psychic attack, assists consciousness in dream state, aids recall of dreams, assists with past life recall


Blue kyanite: lucid dreaming and astral travel


By Silverdove,

Advanced Intuitive work pack


For readers, therapists and intuitives


Nummite: the sorcerer’s stone


Protects from the strongest forms of negative energy, entities, occult energies, poltergeists . strengthens auric shield, increases synchronicities, luck, clairvoyance and intuition, clears karmic debts.


Sugilite: psychic protection from negative energies, entities and attachments, stimulates channeling and automatic writing, holds divine energies and assists in spiritual grounding and awareness.


Moonstone: aids in communicating with spirit guides, assists in optimizing abilities and enhances intuition.


Pietersite: powerful protection stone, gains higher state if altered state of awareness, stimulates the third eye, increases light energy in the aura.


Chiastolite: enhances spiritual energy and harmony, psychic protection, astral travel and grounds.


Brandberg: acts as magnifying class when reading assisting with stronger, clearer connection.


Spirit quartz: enhances all metaphysical abilities.


Rainbow moonstone: Increases psychic abilities and heightens intuition, strong psychic protection, bridges the gap between spiritual and spiritual realms, fosters psychic responsibility so no harm comes to anyone involved in a reading.


Fushite: enables compassion and help to others without taking on their issues.


By Silverdove,

Invoking deep states of meditation set


Quartz Crystal: This is one of the best crystals for meditation because it can be programmed with your meditative intention. Brings clarity of the mind and help you to become more focused and clear about your dreams.


Selenite: This crystal is beneficial for meditation because as you are clearing your mind and relaxing your body. Facilitates the release of negative energy and energy blockages to energetically cleanse your body. It also protects your energy field, allowing you to safely practice meditation without over stimulating your energy body or chakras.


Elestial Quartz: very high-vibrational crystal that enhances your spiritual evolution by opening the crown chakra and allowing energy from the angelic realm to come to you. It is a crystal of transformation and will quickly, and powerfully, awaken the emotions, experiences, and energy that have caused blockages, allowing you to release and heal.

K2 Stone: awakens us to our intuitive or psychic abilities. It removes anything that may be preventing us from seeing our true purpose for this lifetime. K2 granite is effective for exploring past karma and lives and can be used during astral and meditative traveling.

Rutilated Quartz : A Rutilated Quartz Stone is a very high-vibrational crystal that energizes your mind, body and soul. It infuses your space with light and angelic vibrations to connect you with your guardian angels. Rutilated quartz points are useful for directing your energy upward during meditation.

Gabbro: one of the most beneficial stones for meditation and connecting to the spiritual realm. It is often the preferred stone among healers and psychics because the meaning is to unify the spiritual world with life on earth.

Lapis Lazuli: helps enhance your awareness, insight and truth. It is a healing gemstone that has existed since the beginning of time. Lapis Lazuli stones make wonderful tools to deepen your meditation during your yoga practice.

 Labradorite: deepens your meditation and raises your consciousness. It stimulates your inner awareness, bringing you closer to discovering your true self. It helps you to unfold your true-life purpose and uncover your destiny.

By Silverdove,

Connecting with Angels


Selenite: This will assist you to contact the Divine Mind and to access the Angelic realm. These are high vibration crystals, that also deliver clarity of mind, by cleansing the aura of negative energy build up, both within the physical and the etheric body.


Angel aura quartz: Angel aura encourages natural intuition and insight. It is said to assist in the alignment between the spiritual self and the astral planes. It is also said to provide a connection to the stars, opening communications between the Earth plane and the “star people” and other spiritual guides. It helps to raise the vibration making connection with higher planes easier.


Celesitite: stimulating effect on spiritual and psychic gifts. It has strong metaphysical properties that will help you to develop the gift of prophecy, and other psychic abilities. At the same time it aids you to discover your spirit guide contact your guardian angel, and helps with developing the gift of prophecy. This is a stone for spiritual advancement, and very much a part of your personal journey.


Tanzanite: high vibration, with powerful metaphysical properties. These are strong stones to assist you to develop psychic power, so this aspect may help you if you are considering entering psychic employment. These crystals have a high vibration and are stones of transformation. They are also popular as they are known as powerful violet flame crystals.


Smokey Elestial Quartz: attuned to the vibration of the higher spiritual realms and they will help you to make a stronger connection to the beings there. Angelic beings are known to be part of the celestial realm, and elestial quartz has a strong energy to contact celestial beings, and in particular the angels.


Aragonite: strong psychic communication stones and may aid you to make a connection with angels and other beings in the higher realms.


Angels Wing Calcite: Crown Chakra with light, like a halo, reminding us of our own divinity. It is recognized by the angels, and can be used to call them into our lives and work with them, as well as helping those of the angelic realm who have chosen to incarnate at this time to recall who they truly are.


By Silverdove,

Support during Menopause

Amethyst: insomnia and stress relief

Carnelian: physical energy

Chrsophase: restless legs

Citrine: digestive support

Fluorite: concentration

Calcite: memory

Turquoise: panic attacks

Charoite: deep sleep

Moonstone: hormone balance

Opalite: mood swings

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Fertility enhancement


Shiva lingham: major fertility enhancer, place in pillow


Carnelian: boosts energy and fertility


Moonstone: increases fertility and ovulation


Rhodonite: increases fertility and prepares the uterus for conception


Rose quartz: creates a loving environment


Smokey quartz: protects unborn once conceived, boosts fertility


Tourmaline: reduces anxiety


Written by:

Crystals for Nightmares and Insomnia


Charoite: promotes deep sleep


Fluorite: minimises night-terrors


Lapis lazuli: insomnia


Selenite: calms the mind


Smokey quartz: prevents ad dreams


Chryspohase: for restless legs and nightmares


Tourminated quartz: removes fears


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Crystals for Luck


Blue goldstone: brings luck


Carnelian: attracts good fortune in your work


Aventurine: helps us to feel lucky in life


Rose quartz: brings luck in love & romance


Tigers eye: brings luck in money


Citrine: attracts abundance and success


Jade: traditional lucky stone


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Crystals for New Born Babies and Mum


4 rose quartz: assists baby in being separate from mum, place in the four corners of babies room.


5 amethyst: soothes, calms and protects baby from new energies. One under mattress, one in each corner of room.


1 moonstone: protects as babies spirit enters the physical body, as they sleep they drift often to spirit and back. Moonstone helps adjust to earth energies. Place in centre of the coat or larger one on the floor.


Additional stones:


Amazonite: hang or place near cot for infant

Moonstone: encourages lactation, balances, colic, hormones


Carnelian: boosts energy levels

Snowflake obsidian: for post-natal low mood


Hematite: for anaemia


White howlite: calms, reduces colic


Citrine or sunstone: place in water at night, drink first thing so you are ready to get up and go regardless of amount of sleep


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Pregnancy and Birth


Moonstone: women’s healing stone, encourages fertility, lactation, prepares the womb for conception, assists with hormone balance, eliminates toxins and minimise fluid retention and aids contractions.


Rose quartz: unconditional love, increases connection between mum and baby, calms, heals after birth, eases stress, reduces swelling and hypertension.


Unakite: facilitates health of the mother and unborn child. Calms, useful in contractions.


Amazonite: for muscle cramps


Aventurine: for morning sickness, heartburn and indigestion


Black onyx: strengthens, increases stamina and prepares for child birth.


Bloodstone: immune booster, prevents miscarriage and eases labour pain.


Carnelian: aids labour and delivery, calm and removes anxiety. Removes fear.


Citrine: for constipation.


Smokey quartz: absorbs labour pains.


Citrine or sunstone: place in water at night, drink first thing so you are ready to get up and go regardless of amount of sleep


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Anxiety and Stress relief


Amethyst: dispels headaches, balances mood swings, dispels anger


Aquamarine: cleansing and calming whilst boosting mental clarity


Aventurine: encourages peace, love and stillness

Charoite: indices deep, restful sleep


Hematite: calms and balances the nerves


Jade: mood swing, calms irritability and anger


Larimar: peace and calm


Lepidolite: relieves tension and stress


Malachite: sooths the nervous system


Rose quartz: love and calm


Smokey quartz: alleviates fears


Blue lace: calms stress and anxiety


Rhodonite: for panic attacks


Turquoise: prevents panic attacks


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Blue Lace Agate: removes blockages of nervous system and treats arthritic bone deformities.


Apatite: heals bones and encourages formation of new cells, assist cartilage.


Carnelian: circulates life force energy movement, good for rheumatism and arthritis.


Chrysocolla: relieves arthritic pain and muscle spasms.


Fluorite: provides relief from arthritic pain.


Malachite: promotes physical strength and draws out pain, especially around joints.


Tourmaline: used for debilitating illnesses, strengthens and aligns spinal column.


Written by:

Self-Esteem Crystal Set


Amethyst: enhances mental strength & releases negativity


Bloodstone: clears self-doubt by building confidence


Tigers Eye: stone of courage & protection. Inspires bravery & strength


Carnelian: promotes positive life changes


Rose Quartz: promotes self-acceptance, self-worth & self-love


Hematite: boost self-esteem, confidence & brings grounding


By Silverdove,

Teenager Support crystal set


Selenite: absorbs negative energy, reduces stress


Citrine or sunstone: place in glass of water overnight to help get them moving in the morning even if lacking sleep


Amethyst or blue lace agate: to reduce stress during exams


Fluorite: encourages organisation and routines


Calcite: to support study, place where homework is done


Blue lace agate or amazonite: overcomes shyness


Green aventurine: assists in making new friends, supports starting college, school, university


Rose quartz: separation anxiety and feeling loved


Haematite or black tourmaline: protection from energy attacks, bullies, useful for sensitive children


Moonstone: to increase attention


By Silverdove,

Adult Support crystal set


Amethyst: stress relief, tension headaches and migraines


Blue Lace Agate: enhances communication skills, stress relief


Red or dalmation jasper: supports you and encourages support from and to others


Garnet: the sex and passion stone


Malachite: enhances boundaries


Moonstone: balances women’s hormones, softens and balances masculine energies


Rose quartz: ensures self-love and nurturing


Howlite: absorbs anger and promotes calms


Black Tourmaline: protection from negative energies from people and environments


Shugnite: place on computer to minimise wifi exposure or in water to remove fluoride, other chemicals and bacteria.

Children’s support crystal set


Aventurine: assist in living out of comfort zone, brings feelings of safety and comfort


Bloodstone: boosts immune system


Blue lace agate: reduces fevers, encourages communication, relieves anxiety


Carnelian: energy boost


Calcite: enhances learning


Selenite: clears negative energy, brings in the angels, under pillow calms enabling sleep


Rose quartz: assists separation anxiety, ensures self love and develops self-nurturing


Haematite: protects bones, blood and physical body during growth


Fluorite: reduces nightmares


Tiger’s eye: brings courage and strength


Tourmaline: builds confidence, protects, useful for sensitive children


White howlite: absorbs anger


Written by

Exams and interviews


Amethyst: relieves tension headaches, encourages sleep and relaxation


Blue lace agate: enhances communication skills, reduces stress and anxiety


Carnelian: removes fear of failure


Clear quartz: improves memory and confidence


Fluorite: improves memory and concentration


Calcite: memory retention, recall and learning


Lapis lazuli: encourages business success


Rhodonite: relaxation of mind. Relieves mental stress


Snowflake obsidian: removes fear of failure, absorbs stress and anxiety


White howlite: absorbs anger and promotes calm


Written by:

Business Success


White howlite: absorbs anger and promotes calm


Blue lace agate: enhances communication skills, reduces stress and anxiety


Carnelian or snowflake obsidian: removes fear of failure


Clear quartz: improves memory and concentration


Lapis Lazuli: encourages success


Tourmaline: promotes confidence, absorbs negative energy


Citrine: the merchant’s stone, attracts financial abundance


Malachite: encourages financial success though business


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Stress relief and depression support set


Howlite: brings relief to anxiety, tension and intense emotions, calms the mind and reduces fretful thoughts


Amethyst: natural tranquiliser, brings peace and relaxation


Smokey quartz: drains out negative energy and thoughts, helps you to leave behind what you no longer need


Rose quartz: restores harmony, soothes the mind in times of changes, enables self-love and nurturing


Blue lace agate: relieves neck and shoulder tension, stress and anxiety, encourages communication


Clear quartz: removes negative thoughts


Red jasper: the supreme nurturer


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Support during Hospital Stays


Smokey quartz: clears and transmutes negative emotions, speeds convalescence


Sodalite: stone of peace, dispels irrelevant thoughts and maintains logical reasoning


Green Jasper: nurturing stone ensures your power is not taken away. Restores energy and speeds recovery.


Amethyst: master healer purified and transmutes negativity, providing protection and balance during transition.


Amber: soothes the nerves and calms.


Black tourmaline: for protection from negative energies.


Selenite: for cleansing energies, calming and angelic connection.


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Support during divorce and separation


Lepidolite: helps with depression


Chrysocolla: absorbs negativity and anger (place in  rooms where discussions are being held)


Chrysophase: letting go of what no longer serves

White howlite: dissolves anger in you


Peridot: for jealousy issues


Apache tear: ensures grieving process enabling moving on


Pink calcite: loving energy, heart healing and trauma relief


Black tourmaline: protection from negative energy


Malachite: for enhanced boundaries


Jade: enhances speech and eloquence in divorce cases, promotes self- sufficiency


Tigers eye: courage and strength


Written by:

Growing and enhancing love and relationships


Blue lace agate: good communication skills


Carnelian: removes fear of failure, place under pillow for increased bedroom passion


Emerald: the stone of successful love, attracts soul mate


Aventurine: allows you to feel comfortable in your own body, heals past hurt


Labradorite: destiny stone, helps us find the one


Rhodonite: removes past hurts encourages new loving relationships


Rose quartz: stone of self-love, attracts new love


Malachite: ensures boundaries


Sodalite: increases friendship aspects


Garnet: stone of passion


Tantric twin quartz: attracts twin soul


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Support during Grieving


Apache tear: open the floodgates of grief, allowing cleansing and release of feelings


Rhodonite: stabilises the emotions, brings order to feelings, uplifts, deepens understanding of emotions, provides strength


Ruby or managano calcite: heart healer


Azurite: clears blockages from throat and third eye: calms worries, relieves stress


Aquamarine: stone of release, emotional cleansing, letting go of the loved one’s body whilst retaining and emotional connection to the loved ones spiritual being, enabling us to move on whilst honouring their memory.


Danburite: under pillow calms mind chatter enabling sleep


Rainbow moonstone: brings joy, cleanses the emotional body easing trauma and bring life force energy, increasing optimism


Morganite: releases old pains, burdens and sorrow bring a sense of light. Clears anger, resentment bring feelings of acceptance.


Sodalite: cleanses and forgiveness for oneself for any unresolved issues.


Mookite: brings strength and puts us in the here and now.