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Next Supermoon Distance Sacred Fire Ceremonies

Energies sent directly from the Earth’s Heart Chakra in Glastonbury, Somerset!


Munay-Ki Rites


Distance learning

 at your own pace

Some past events:

Workshops February & March 2020


Munay Ki Rites

Wednesday's 7pm to 930pm for 4 weeks commencing Wednesday 19th February until and including 11th March 2020.

The Munay-Ki are a series of nine Empowerment rites based on the initiatory practices of the Q'ero shamans of Peru, as taught by anthropologist Alberto Villoldo. "Munay" in Quechua means "love and will", together with "ki", from the Japanese word for energy, combine to give the meaning: energy of love.

Full details on the rites can be found at:

Rite 1 The Healer's rite

Rite 2 The Bands of Power

Rite 3 The Harmony Rite

Rite 4 The Seer's rite

--------- at this point you can choose to continue and complete the remaining rites by choosing a Pi stone. Completing all the rites empowers you to pass them to others, but you can also choose to just receive the first 4 for self-empowerment and healing----------

Rite 5 day keeper

Rite 6 keeper

Rite 7 wisdom keeper


Rite 8:star keeper

Rite 9: creator

Energy exchange: £30 per evening or £100 if paid in advance. Email .


Crystal Consciousness and the 22 Chakra System

Saturday 22nd February 2020 1130-1830

This one day course is suited for both beginners to crystal healing as well as those who are more advanced.

Through the day you will learn:

How the scientific Mohs scale on crystals corresponds to a rise in consciousness and how to use this on your own healing journey.

The 22 chakra system: which is an extremely useful tool in progressing your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional balance and expansion.


Know how to create your own essential crystal toolkit for healing.


Course cost: £65 if paid 14 days in advance. £75 if paid on the day.


Full Moon Rite to the Womb Ceremony (13 Munay Ki Rite)

Monday, 9 March 2020 from 1800

Meeting point: War Memorial at Wimbledon Village. The Well is a 15 minute walk from there.

The wisdom of the Womb has been used in many cultures including the Mayan, Tibetan, Indian and Egyptian. Each woman holds the loving creative power of the womb to create and manifest, as the womb connects to the cosmic womb from which all creation springs.

There is a lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering. This lineage of women wants us to remember:

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.

The feminine spirit of the jungle reminds us of this simple and vital truth:

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.

This lineage of women through the jungle medicine has given us the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb.

Sacha (Silverdove) will be holding a small meditation circle and will then be passing the linage on to those attending, to enable them to free themselves from the pain and fear we so often hold in our sacral chakras, in turn enhancing our connection through the womb to source. Although the event can be considered for women as we physically have a womb, I am happy to pass to men also, as many hold fear and pain here too or may have been affected by the energies they received whilst in the womb.

The event is being held in the full moon at Caesar's Well, on Wimbledon Common. This is a sacred well and spring, first recorded in 700 BC, also where the London Leylines cross. If you would further information on the Well you are welcome to join a facebook group I set up and admin here:

In the files section you will find a research document I put together on the well and site.

Energy exchange: £5 per person to cover costs of offerings, smudge etc


Munay Ki reconnect: one day intensive

Saturday 14 March 1130-1900 (max finishing time)

Only for those who have previously received the rites, this is a one-day reconnection of all the nine rites.

Energy exchange: £45 per person

Coming in Spring.. the Nusta Karpay rites

All workshops (except the Full Rite to the Womb) are held in Putney, SW15. An 8 minute walk from Putney High Street, exact location given on confirmation of booking. Workshops are strictly booking only, payment in cash on the day or bank transfer prior. Email: .

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